Mission & Vision

„E-Business Cluster“ is а voluntary, non-political, self-organizing association with the following main objectives:

Achieving competitiveness of traders, manufacturers and organizations participating in the Cluster by:

  1. Internationalization of the e-business of the Cluster members.
  2. Application of the collective principles in the e-business to increase sales of goods and services everywhere in the world.
  3. Implementation of the latest marketing products of the social networks and the network economy in trade between manufacturers and traders.
  4. Expansion of the e-commerce, the mutually beneficial cooperation and the implementation of the latest hardware and software practices such as B2B, B2C and C2C to increase the volumes of traded goods and services of the members of the Cluster.


Business & Financial Services

Thematic focus

– E-commerce

– Internationalization and cross border cooperation

– Increase of the online trade level of the Cluster members worldwide